AidanSteveHey, Steve and Aidan here!

We’ve got something a little different for you today…

We call it the ‘Digital Rockstar Club’, or ‘DRC’ for short.

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What’s a ‘Digital Rockstar’?


It’s someone who cashes-in on ROYALTIES from product sales.

Rockstars regularly cash-in on ‘evergreen income’. Income that they’re paid over and over again for work they did just once.

Take Paul McCartney (of The Beatles) as an example…


… in 1979 Sir Paul released a song called “Wonderful Christmastime”. 36 years later he STILL gets paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS each year just from this ONE song (estimates range from $400,000 – $600,000 per year in hands-off royalties).

Not bad.

The Underground Online Society…

Perhaps you didn’t realize this, but there’s an entire ‘underworld’ of online marketers who do exactly the same thing (thankfully without needing to sing a song!).

People who create digitally delivered products (like courses, tools, software, books, etc) that sell day after day after day, and run on complete autopilot.

These people are “digital rockstars”… quietly cashing in month after month on work they did just one time.

It’s BIG BUSINESS… believe me, we know.

We’ve made MILLIONS from royalties from digital products we own, and we’ve done it over and over and over again for a decade now (in all kinds of weird and wonderful niches).

We’ve perfected the system.

The ‘Underworld’ in Liverpool, UK

In fact, just last week Aidan was invited to speak at a private mastermind event in Liverpool, UK, where he explained how these systems work in more detail (coincidentally, Liverpool is home to the greatest rock band of all time…The Beatles, and here you can see Aidan standing right next to the legendary Paul McCartney!).


SIDE NOTE: Just like all good underground societies, this meeting was held in a dark and dungy basement (no photoshop editing required…!).

The Digital Rockstar Club

We’ve decided to create a extremely exclusive club to guide you through to building your own royalty machine.

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The last time we spoke about this business model was in 2010, so this is a LOOONG time over-due.

There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, in fact, our ‘Digital Rockstar Club’ is just one piece of the puzzle. Find out about all the components here:

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Aidan and Steve

P.S. Like every good club, this one will have a cost. But don’t panic! You’ll be pleasantly surprised… and as a member of our ‘digital rockstar club’, you’ll even be invited to hang out (wine, dine and strategize) with us in Key West, Florida (we may even take Steve’s yacht for a spin).