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How can you become part of the Digital Rockstar Club?

The Digital Rockstar Club is a private program designed specifically for people who invest in the new training program being released by Anik Singal. You can qualify to access EVERYTHING by investing in Anik’s program using our special link.

NOTE: Everything is explained HERE

What’s included in the Digital Rockstar Club?

The Digital Rockstar Club includes the following components…

Part #1: Bootcamp in Key West

In a nutshell, this is a 1 day LIVE meeting with us (Steve and Aidan) in Key West

We want you to join us for an action packed bootcamp in Key West. When we’re not wining and dining, we’ll most likely be on Steve’s yacht scheming up brilliant ideas and helping you piece together your business plan (which will likely include a range of different channels).

IMPORTANT: This is only available to people who invest in the ‘Platinum’ version of Anik’s new program.

Value: $1997


Part #2: Info-Product Empire

This is a KEY part of the Digital Rockstar Club. “Info Product Empire” is a detailed step-by-step roadmap for building your own info product (this is a PDF, brand new)

This is our detailed guide about how to create and market your very own product. In this training you’ll learn about every intricate step we go through when creating our own information products. This includes market research, data analysis, running a ‘test launch’, building a marketing plan, releasing a full scale launch, generating ongoing sales, and MUCH more.

Value: $997


Part #3: JVZoo Bootcamp – How to sell on JVZoo

Here’s where you’ll learn EXACTLY how to sell your very own product on JVZoo.

Perhaps you weren’t aware of this, but we (Steve and Aidan) are the biggest selling vendors in JVZoo history. We’ve sold more than anyone else… EVER.

In this exclusive bonus, you’ll learn how to set up and sell digital products on JVZoo the RIGHT way (the same way that has earned us millions)

Value: $297


Part #4: Clickbank Bootcamp – How to sell on Clickbank

Similar to part #3, but this time all about Clickbank. We’ll show you how to get your product up and selling on Clickbank.

We’ve been selling products on Clickbank for almost a decade now, and like with JVZoo, we are one of the biggest sellers on Clickbank (last year we even won a trip to Mexico by being a top 5 seller!). In this special training, we’ll reveal exactly how to get set up and selling on Clickbank.

Value: $297


Part #5: ‘Done For You’ product graphics

Every product needs graphics, and we’ll take care of that headache for you. You’ll get 1 full set of product graphics created for you by our in-house design team.

This is going to save you time and money, and will ensure that your product looks the part, and is ready to be snapped up by hungry buyers as soon as you launch it.

Value: $297


Part #6: Product Approval Service

This is where we’ll personally give you the green light on your product ideas.

Having sold tens of millions of dollars worth of digital products, we know a thing or two about what works, and what doesn’t work. We’ll save you from bad decisions by giving you this unique “stamp of approval” service.

Value: $397


Part #7: Outsourcing Guide

Want to let someone else do the heavy lifting for you? You’ll get access to our Outsourcing Guide and you’ll be able to do exactly that.

This guide comprehensively details the keys to outsourcing, so that you can get other people doing all the things you hate most (or the things you simply don’t have time to do yourself). Outsourcing is the absolute key to growing your business, and in this training you’ll learn the secrets to Outsourcing based on the millions we’ve spent in outsourced jobs over the past decade.

Value: $197


Part #8: Cashing in on $9.95 Products

This is an incredibly high value LIVE online workshop (plus you’ll receive the recordings) where you’ll get step-by-step training about how to make huge profits from low-priced $9.95 products.

You’ll discover how to find Publishable niches, how to make products that sell easily for low prices like $9.95, how to drive traffic to these offers, how to make piles of cash on the backend, and more.

Value: $997


Part #9: Sales Letter Mastery (live training)

Once you’re product is developed, you need to know how to sell it! In this part of the training you’ll learn the fail-proof formula for writing sales pages that SELL.

This training will be delivered via a live workshop, and you’ll also get the replay link so you can go over the information as often as you need to.

Value: $497


Part #10: 5-in-1 ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Products

This part of the ‘Digital Rockstar Club’ training shows you how to create a product in as little as 3 hours using 100% free tools.

This 57-page PDF gives you an alternative shortcut to developing your product along with a 7-step rollout plan.

Value: $197


Part #11: Weekend on the Yacht prize draw

5 lucky members of the Digital Rockstar Club will win a weekend on Steve’s yacht in Key West.

We’ll be selecting the winners at random, so you’ll have as good a chance as anyone to take the prize…

Value: $1997


What Next?

Digital Rockstar Club is something you gain access to as a bonus for investing in Anik’s new program through our special link. Right now, the only way you’ll be able to do this is through the training we had with Anik on Wednesday:

Click here to see the replay of the ‘opening’ workshop

We look forward to seeing you on the call, regardless of whether you invest in the program or not, you’ll get a lot of good value just from attending.

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